Doula: Alyssia Moore

Alyssia is one of the most gifted doula’s I know. I have the great privilege of calling her one of my dearest friend’s and have worked a handful of births with her over the past couple of years. If you’re looking for someone to support you through pregnancy, birth & postpartum, look no further. Alyssia is a mama to two precious babies, Ella (3 yrs) and Folger (1.5 yrs). She’s certified, professionally trained and is lovingly referred to as the pregnancy encyclopedia. Alyssia carries the most peaceful presence, is a wealth of knowledge for all the questions you might have, and most of all, she’s the support you didn’t know you needed in this wild journey of motherhood.

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Midwife: Haven Birth & Wellness

I’ve worked a couple births with Lauren of Haven Birth & Wellness in the past year. She’s also delivered a handful of my friend’s babies and I’ve heard nothing but incredible things about their experience with Haven. They’re a midwifery practice here in Nashville, TN designed to support and empower women throughout their pregnancy and birth. Their desire is to provide women with holistic, relationship-based midwifery care in the comfort of their home… and I can attest that they do just that. If you’re planning a home birth, Haven Birth & Wellness is a must!

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